Wooden Vehicle Toys

Melissa and Doug wooden service station garage car wash play set with cab and trailer with skid steer and steam roller and digger on flatbed trailer and race cars loaded on truck

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Get Your Vroom On

wooden vehicle toys Service Station Garage Play set from Melissa & Doug Skid steer and steam roller on flatbed and other transport trucks
  • What: Wooden Vehicle Toys
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Fun, durable, no plastic pieces
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a child who loves things that go? Looking for some solid wooden toys for your little driver? If you want toys without all the plastic that will go the distance, these wooden options for little vehicle lovers will delight them for years to come.

Melissa and Doug Low Loader wooden vehicle play set flatbed truck and trailer with yellow steam roller and orange front loader skid steer toy

Low Loader Truck Toy: This flatbed transport truck from Melissa & Doug comes with a skid steer and tiny steam roller for even more fun. The cab of the loader separates from the flatbed allowing it to mix and match with other wooden truck sets. In the back, the ramp on the loader comes down to make loading simple. Once the construction vehicles get on board, the ramp turns up to keep them securely in place.

Melissa and Doug Parking Garage Service Station wooden toy set with blue car parked on top deck

Service Station Parking Garage: This little garage packs a big punch. An elevator takes wooden cars to parking spaces on the upper level, while a service station with sliding doors can take care of any mechanical issue. A carwash with a moving conveyor belt makes sure that any cars come out shiny and clean after their repairs. It even has a gas stop on the side where cars can refuel. The set comes with two cars to get the fun started, and the sign on top doubles as a handle for easy carrying.

Melissa and Doug wooden car loaded with four car loaded onto flatbed

Wooden Car Loader: The long arm on this wooden car loader makes taking cars on and off loads of fun. Thanks to a super strong magnet on the end of the arm, cars can be lifted on and off with ease. The flatbed truck fits four race cars, which come included in the set. The cab comes apart from the trailer, but unlike other sets, it doesn’t connect with other wooden toys.

Wooden Construction Vehicles: Get a load of construction vehicles with these sets, which includes the low loader and a digger on a flatbed truck. The excavator fits perfectly into the wheel ridges on the flatbed truck, and the cab comes apart so it can park at the next construction site. Switch it up with the low loader, and make sure the construction site has all the equipment it needs to get the job done.

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