Chapter Books for Kids Continued

More Words, Fewer Pictureschapter books for kids Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and

  • What: Chapter Books for Kids Continued
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining and affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Is your child ready for more words and fewer graphics in the reading selections? Have they moved on beyond the simple chapter books for beginning readers? If you want to get your child in on some action, check out these chapter books to level up their reading experience.

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space chapter books for kids

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space: Two kids go on a quest to find their parents in this series featuring galaxies far, far away. Kids will love the familiar setting and far reaches of the galaxy as they explore the adventures in this six book series chock full of adventure.

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic and Farm red orange and green covers

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle: This fun-loving character can turn any chore into pleasure. Thanks to her upbeat attitude and new perspective on everyday issues, kids will find lots to love inside the pages of these books. Each chapter details another ingenious solution, and with six books filled to the brim, kids will find lots to entertain them.

The Secrets of Droon books by Tony Abbott The Great Ice Battle The Sleeping Giant of Goll and Voyagers of the Silver Sand

Secrets of Droon: If you want lots of books to choose from, this series of 44 stories really goes the distance. It follows the antics of three main characters as they travel down a staircase into a world filled with magic. Kids will love the fantasy setting and variety of adventures with longer chapters packed with action.

Great Battles for Boys WW2 in Europe book by Joe Giorello

Great Battles for Boys: These six books focus on some of the largest world conflicts in history. Unlike most history books, these stories bring the action to life, with maps and illustrations for extra enrichment. From big picture tactics to little known facts, the pages of non-fiction will enthrall readers of a variety of ages.

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