Best Lounge Chairs Ever

Lafuma reclining lounge chair in lime green next to small table with drink mixings on it

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Relax in Style

Lafuma reclining lounge chair in lime green next to small table with drink mixings on it
  • What: Lafuma Lounge Chairs
  • When: Pregnancy to college 
  • Why: Durable, comfortable, compact
  • Where: Amazon or Lafuma

Have a busy summer? Looking to wind down the final days in comfort and relaxation? If you want a lounge chair for sitting beside the kiddie pool or enjoying the sunset in style, you can’t go wrong with Lafuma Lounge Chairs

Lafuma R Clip Zero Gravity Lounge Chair on Amazon

These high-end lounge chairs really make a difference. The durable materials make these chairs an investment in years of quality lounging. The foot and back recline in one smooth motion, meaning you can get the perfect angle for all your lounging needs. From watching the game on the big screen to chilling while the kids frolic, these chairs make great companions. The stable armrests make getting out of the chair easier, and getting the angle just right. The adjustable neck pillow provides plenty of support and infinite height adjustments to make sure it rests exactly where you want it.

The head rest pillow slides up and down the frame for easy adjustments to the perfect height.

You can get the sun-resistant fabrics in a variety of colors to match any decorating scheme. The chairs fold up when not in use, making them great for big lounging even in small spaces. Choose from a variety of styles and features, knowing that even the basic models will bring lots of value for years to come.

Lafuma lounga chair reclined in
We’ve had our Lafuma lounge chairs for years and they still look and work great.

We’ve had two Lafuma lounge chairs for six years now, and they still look and work great, despite being stored outside year round. The fabric has maintained its bright color. The only downside has been wrangling one from the kids, since we only have two. As soon as we set one up, it gets occupied. We first used them at an international vacation rental, and when we came across them in a store at home, we snapped them up. The kids have even used them to set up a breakfast lounge indoors for us one morning as a surprise. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Child sitting in lime green Lafuma lounge chair
Getting a seat in one of these fabulous lounge chairs is the only challenge.

Get your own Lafuma lounger and get busy doing nothing today.

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