Lazy Weekends with Kids

Child floating on inflatable boogie board in inflatable splash pool with bench and cup holders from Sun Squad

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More Fun, Less Effort

Three kids in one and half foot deep splash pool cooling off and relaxing
  • What: Lazy Weekends with Kids
  • When: 1 year and up
  • Why: Relax, enjoy family time
  • Where: At home

With Labor Day around the corner, and the end of summer nigh, take advantage of the last few warm nights and later sunsets. When you feel like relaxing with your kids at home instead of hitting the road for another adventure, try one (or all!) of these ideas.

H20GO Bahama Wave Island Float on lake with legs and feet cooling in water and kids climbing back in

Island Float: It doesn’t get much more relaxing than this giant inflatable raft meant for floating – once you get it inflated and on the water, that is. Thanks to an air pump that hooks up to the outlet in the car, inflating only takes a few minutes. Carrying it requires two adults, but once it hits the water, it’s all fun in the sun (or shade). 

Canada Dry Ginger Ale in 12 oz can and frozen limeade concentrate in container next to each other

Easy Summer Punch: Bring on the end of summer refreshment with this punch that tastes great and only takes a couple minutes to mix up. Even better, you can serve it to the little ones in the group, then add whatever type of alcohol you prefer for a grown up round.

Kids lounging in chairs around Jasonwell Splash pad sprinkler play mat

Splash Pad Sprinkler: Even if you don’t have a lot of room, this splash pad makes for tons of water fun for little ones. It hooks up to a hose, and the water provides the inflation. No more blowing up their water toys, and watching them spring a leak five minutes later. 

Lafuma reclining lounge chair in lime green next to small table with drink mixings on it

Lounge Chairs: Sit by the splash pad and enjoy the beverage of your choice in complete comfort thanks to these luxury lounge chairs. With durable fabric and nearly endless reclining positions, you will get to use them for years to come.

Inflatable splash pool with bench and backrest

Splash Pool: If you want a little more water, or the chance to get wet yourself, get a splash pool. The ones with the bench built in make a great spot for adults to hang out and cool off, especially with the cup holders along the sides. But it still leaves plenty of room for little ones to splash around and have fun.

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