Paper Trax

Paper Trax toy vehicle wall mounted race track

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Race Down the Walls

Paper Trax toy vehicle wall mounted race track
  • What: Paper Trax
  • When: 3 to 12 years
  • Why: Fun, inexpensive, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to put a new spin on your child’s toy vehicle play sessions? Maybe you want their car track layouts to take up less floor space, or you prefer to leave their setups out and ready to go anytime your child wants to play. If you want to expand their car toys up the walls, look no further than Paper Trax.

Paper Trax Speedway Super Pack on Amazon

These tracks work for most Hot Wheels and Matchbox type cars. You get ten track pieces in one pack, and as a bonus, the box folds into an extra track piece as well. Once you get your pack, simply fold each piece following the directions printed on the side, and use the included command strips to attach the track to the wall in any configuration you like. You can build a super tall switchback highway, or go cross country all the way along the room. You can easily reconfigure the setup anytime you like, and the command strips come off without leaving marks.

Paper Trax toy car tracks mounted on wall under window
You can mount these tracks on most walls, even ones with a textured surface.

We got these tracks for my vehicle-obsessed child’s birthday party several years back. We set them up on the wall and let all the kids race on them to their heart’s content. We’ve since moved them several times with no trouble. On set-ups with steep descents, cars will often flip over. Even though these tracks definitely send cars flying, the toys stay near the wall, so they have yet to hit any of my kids, even with unexpected departures from the path. And not all cars will fit the tracks perfectly, though you can make minor adjustments.

Bonus track piece
You can make a bonus piece of track from the box by following the directions printed on the side.

Kids will need adult assistance to get the track set up and attached to the wall. But once they get rolling, they can have fun anytime they like, and you no longer have to worry about stepping on or around their race track set ups. Plus these tracks can be recycled if your child ever stops enjoying them, and they cost next to nothing for what you get. If you want to take their racing fun to the next level on your walls, try out Paper Trax today!

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