Labor Day Fun Facts

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  • What: Labor Day Fun Facts
  • When: First Monday of September
  • Why: Learn some trivia
  • Where: At home

For all those who work hard each year, whether it’s unpaid work like parenting or the essential workers who keep the country running, here’s to you! Labor Day rolls around on the first Monday of September each year here in the United States. Enjoy these few fun facts you may not know about this holiday. 

Three kids digging in sand and burying each other in Boise, ID
  • The idea for Labor Day was originally inspired by members of unions in New York City, who held a parade requiring workers to take the day off to attend in 1882. 

  • Oregon held the first state-wide celebration of Labor Day in 1887. Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Colorado would also have Labor Day celebrations that year.

  • Labor Day became a national holiday in 1887 when President Grover Cleveland signed an act to establish the federal holiday. Later that same year, the holiday would be set to occur on the first Monday of each September.

  • The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate Labor Day. But in most other countries with a similar holiday honoring workers, the event falls on May 1st each year, and goes by the name International Workers’ Day.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday filled with fun, relaxing, and whatever else makes your family happy.

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