Bug Lab for Kids 

Bug Lab for Kids book by John W. Guyton

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Instant Insect InformationBug Lab for Kids book by John W. Guyton

  • What: Bug Lab for Kids book
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Educational, entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love creepy crawlies? Maybe they have turned over every rock, brick, and log in your yard searching for invertebrate inhabitants. Whether they love ladybugs or can’t get enough spiders, they’ll love the activities in Bug Lab for Kids by John W. Guyton.

Bug Lab for Kids book on Amazon 

This book offers tons of tips for enthusiasts. It starts with safety and preparation, which covers everything from the right kind of clothing to how to handle bugs. It goes on to discuss different ways to find and collect bugs of many kinds. If inviting bugs to take up residence inside your house isn’t your thing, never fear. The book also contains helpful hints on sketching and photographing bugs, as well as multiple art projects inspired by butterflies and more.

Table of contents from Bug Lab for Kids book
This book has tons of activities and explorations centered around all kinds of insects.

Split into nine distinct units, each with a different bug-oriented theme, each lab includes an introduction, a list of required materials, and step-by-step instructions to complete the activity. Kids can choose any one, and complete the tasks in any order according to their interests. Or they can simply enjoy learning more about insects, thanks to all the information contained inside the covers. Want an even better gift for the bug lover in your life? Pair this book with a bug house and they will be all set for some serious bug-catching adventures.

Adopt and feed an orb weaver spider lab from Bug
Each lab contains a list of required materials, easy to follow instructions, and some science tidbits.

Whether you have a bug enthusiast, want to include more science with fun activities, or introduce your child to the many different tiny inhabitants of the natural world, you can’t go wrong with Bug Lab for Kids. 

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