Best of August 2021

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Get Clued InClue Junior board game for kids, Battleship Shots

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  • When: August 2021
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August’s heat had parents thinking up new ways to entertain their kids, as well as starting to get ready for the back to school rush. Here are the top three most popular posts from the month:

Battleship Shots game orange balls

Battleship Shots Game: Do your kids love Battleship? Want a faster-paced game that involves more luck and less strategy? This game uses ping pong balls thrown or bounced to sink plastic ships. Be the first to sink your opponent’s fleet and win. Earn the coveted red ball, and sink a ship in one shot. Kids will enjoy aiming for their opponent in full view, while trying to control the bounce of a ball.

Preschooler spare clothes for school laid out folded

Packing Spare Clothes: Be prepared when disaster strikes your little one away from home. Make sure you send them with a spare outfit that’s easy to put on, but won’t result in you buying more clothes for them or doing laundry more frequently. Use these tips to make sure your little one stays dry and comfortable no matter the mess.

CLue Junior board laid out ready to play

Clue Junior: Kids and adults alike enjoy this mystery-based board game. Players take turns moving any colored pawn to collect clues. The first player to correctly guess who ate the cake, with what drink, and at what time, wins. Much like the beloved original, this kids’ version has all the fun with none of the violence.

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