Plug-In Car Cooler Bag

Dometic striped orange and red plug in car cooler bag

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Soft-Sided Cold Storage

Dometic striped orange and red plug in car cooler bag
  • What: Plug-In Car Cooler
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Keep things cool on the go
  • Where: Amazon

Going away for the weekend with your kids? Got all the gear you need for outdoor adventure as a family? If you’re tired of lugging the entire hard-sided cooler when you only need to keep a few things cool, grab a Plug-In Cooler Bag.

Electric Car Cooler on Amazon

This soft-sided cooler plugs into a 12 volt outlet. The fan keeps things cool inside while you drive. Once you arrive, enjoy cold drinks, chilled snacks and more. While the cooler temps won’t substitute for a refrigerator over several days, the cooler works great for shorter outings. When not in use, it can be collapsed to take up minimal storage space.

Inside Dometic plug in car cooler bag
The coated inside of the cooler bag makes it super easy to clean and dry.

The coated inside makes it a breeze to clean in case of spills. And it dries quickly, so you can get started on your next adventure. The sturdy straps can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, while the plug tucks away into its own pocket when not in use. A large pocket on the outside has plenty of room for napkins, plastic bags, and utensils, so you’ll have everything you need in easy reach, all in one bag. 

We’ve had our Dometic brand cooler bag for more than ten years, and it still looks and works great. We’ve taken it camping and to keep food fresh on road trips, as well as day trips for places like Yellowstone National Park. It works great without taking up a ton of space, and can easily hold food and drinks for five people.

Dometic striped orange red yellow plug in 12 volt cooler bag folded
When collapsed, this cooler bag takes up much less room than standard hard-sided coolers.

You can use this bag even without plugging it in, from taking drinks and snacks to the park or the pool, or to your next big outdoor celebration. This bag can hold multiple six packs of canned drinks, juice boxes for kids, or even gallons of milk with no problem. Load it up before your next adventure and make sure you keep your cool on the go.

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