Best Hot Wheels Toys

Best hot wheels toys monster truck kinetic sand monster truck loop the loop sweep and keep garbage recycling truck military vehicle launcher color changing van

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Rev Up the Fun

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Race Monster Truck Kinetic Sand Matchbox Military vehicle launcher Hot Wheels Sweep and Keep Truck color changing car toys
  • What: Best Hot Wheels Toys
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, interesting
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love vehicles? Do they get a charge from all sorts of Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys? If you want to get their toy car game into high gear, check out these great toys.

Monster Truck Jam Kinetic Sand Starter Set blue shark truck driving over dirt sand pile

Kinetic Sand Monster Truck: This truck toy combines vehicles with sand, which means double the fun. The kinetic sand keeps the mess contained, while the big wheels on the monster truck make tracks through the piles. The container for the small amount of sand doubles as a ramp and a mold for even more fun.

Matchbox Sweep and Keep truck picks up toys street sweeper

Sweep and Keep Truck: This recycling truck does double duty, thanks to its rolling sweeper brush. It can change picking up all the Hot Wheels from a chore to a fun experience. Simply roll the truck over small parts and toys and watch them collect in the hopper in the back.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Race loop the loop toy

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Race: This giant loop-the-loop comes with two tracks: one for the monster truck, and one for a regular-sized Hot Wheels vehicle. Race the two side by side and see which one completes the challenge first. The trigger loads the launch mechanism, then a push of the button sets the cars off racing and flying. 

Hot Wheels Color Shifters green and yellow Beach Patrol car toy

Color Changing Hot Wheels: These Hot Wheels cars pack an extra punch. Dunk them in cold water and watch as they change color. Kids enjoy turning them from one color to the other with hot and cold water. You can even get a car wash set that will do the color changes for you for even more color-changing fun.

Military truck power launcher with four cars on top by Matchbox

Matchbox Power Launcher: These oversized truck toys carry Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars easily. But the real fun comes when you launch them from the big vehicle. You can get them in a military-style vehicle or a garbage truck. Both designs load and shoot cars many feet, but the garbage truck ones come with a bin that will dump the car in the back of the truck. The military style vehicle, meanwhile, can hold four vehicles at a time and launch them in succession.

Paper Trax toy vehicle wall mounted race track

Paper Trax: if you want to take their car play to a new level, don’t hesitate to try Paper Trax. These foldable track pieces attach to walls with command strips. You can organize them in any formation you like to make long stretches, switchbacks, drops, and more. Even better, if your kid gets tired of the setup, simply take them down and rearrange them with no damage to your walls.

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