Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventures

The Oregon Trail four book boxed set of choose your own adventure books with bonus map

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Defy Death and Reach Your Destination

The Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventure box set of four chapter books for kids based on the

  • What: Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventures
  • When: 8 to 12 years
  • Why: Fun, educational, read them over and over
  • Where: Amazon

Did you play the Oregon Trail computer game during your childhood? If you have fond memories of trying to avoid death from cholera, then heads up! This book series recreates that experience. Get your hands on Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventure and let your kids have fun exploring the trials and tribulations of life on the trail.

The Oregon Trail Boxed Set on Amazon

Each of the four books in this set includes more than twenty different endings. From dangerous river crossings and encounters with wild animals, kids will have to choose their own route to try and make it safely to the next landmark alive. Each book covers one section of the trail, and kids try to navigate from the start to the end of the Oregon Trail through all four books. With brief descriptions and lots of excitement, kids will love the action and adventure packed into the pages of these books. They won’t even notice how much they learn about history and the settlement of territory on their way through the pages.

The Oregon Trail Choose Your Own Adventure book open to
Each book takes kids on a big adventure to reach the next checkpoint on the journey across uncharted lands.

We stumbled across this set on a recent trip and couldn’t resist buying them on the spot. My nine and ten year old kids loved them. They read all four books over and over again in a matter of days. They loved trying to select the best route and reactions to each situation, and traded books back and forth freely to see who could arrive safely first. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

Set your child out on an epic journey from the comfort of the couch with this boxed set of four choose your own adventure books based on the Oregon Trail.

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