Hamster Backrest Pillow

Hamster backrest lumbar support pillow in orange and white on child's bed

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Relax in Comfort

Hamster backrest lumbar support pillow in orange and white on child's bed

  • What: Hamster Backrest Pillow
  • When: 2 to 10 years
  • Why: Cute and affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to delight the hamster-loving child in your life? Want to have all the joys of an oversized pet with none of the upkeep or vet bills? Maybe you just want a cozy spot for your child to relax, read, or listen to music. No matter the reason, you can’t go wrong with a Hamster Backrest Pillow.

Hamster Shaped Lumbar Pillow on Amazon 

This hamster-shaped backrest cushion comes in just the right size for kids. The legs of the hamster make perfect armrests, while the pillow itself reaches up to my nine year old’s neck. She can also lounge on it, and use it as a headrest in that position. It is not a full-size backrest pillow, so it might not work as well for older or bigger kids.

Pillowfort Fetching Florals sheet set comforter and shams with hamster backrest pillow and V pillow
My daughter sleeps with her hamster pillow every night, no matter where we are.

We’ve had ours for a year, and my daughter not only loves it, but she takes it almost everywhere we go. It puts her at the perfect angle for enjoying a book, whether she’s at home or traveling. It has stayed fluffy and held its shape despite the heavy use and traveling with us on lots of trips. The soft fur has also stayed clean and colorful without fading.

Get cozy with this furry friend today.

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