Animal Flashlight Lanterns

Animal-shaped LED flashlight lanterns monkey tiger and penguin shapes

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Light-Filled Fun

Animal-shaped LED flashlight lanterns monkey tiger and penguin shapes
  • What: Animal Flashlight Lanterns
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Cute, affordable, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Want to see your child’s face light up with delight? You can’t go wrong with fun Animal Flashlight Lanterns made just for kids.

Mini LED Flashlight Lantern Pack of 4 on Amazon

While I still adore our SunLights Animal Flashlights for bedtime, these kid flashlights work great for when small hands have lots to hold and do. They stay on without needing to hold the handle down, and they feature two different modes. Kids can press the button up to light the top of the animal’s body, like a regular flashlight. Or they can push the switch in the opposite direction to turn on the animal’s belly. The animal then stands up for use as a lantern. Each one comes with a wrist strap, and the lightweight plastic means kids don’t get tired of carrying them.

Animal shaped LED flashlight lanterns belly and head lit up on monkey and tiger
Kids can choose to use these lights as flashlight or lantern.

You get four animals in each pack, one monkey, one cow, one tiger, and one penguin. They also come with the three AAA batteries needed to make each light work. These flashlights work great for early or late season camping trips, when it gets darker earlier in the evening and lighter later in the mornings. They would also be great for trick or treating, as they stay on when not held, and could be used in the lantern mode inside a plastic pumpkin or candy bag.

No matter how you choose to use them, you can’t go wrong with these animal flashlights kids are sure to love.

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