Carnivalitos Cutetitos

Cutetitos Carnivalitos Budditos chocolate sauce and churros mini stuffed animals side by side with information card

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Festive Food-Themed Fun

Cutetitos Carnivalitos Budditos chocolate sauce and churros mini stuffed animals side by side with

  • What: Carnivalitos Cutetitos
  • When: One year and up
  • Why: Adorable, affordable, cuddly
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child (or you!) love Cutetitos? Good news! They have a new line of cuddly wrapped animals out, called Carnivalitos.

Basic Fun Carnivalitos Cutetitos on Amazon

These adorably soft stuffed animals come wrapped in a blanket masquerading as a tortilla. The Carnivaltios series has ten different brightly colored animals, each with their own unique features, like a birthday. You can’t tell from the packaging which animal you will get, so if you see some, grab one. They come wrapped in one of four festival food-themed blankets, including fries, popcorn, cotton candy, and funnel cake.

Carnivalitos Cutetitos Babitos packaged in icee cup
Get a miniature Carnivalitos Cutetitos Babitos packaged in a cup.

They also have miniature Cutetitos in the Carnivalitos theme. You can buy single babies who come packaged in a cup, much like an Icee or Slushie drink. They have all the features of the larger Cutetitos plus a tiny diaper on their back end. The diaper comes in blue or pink to reveal the gender of your baby animal.

Carnivalitos Cutetitos Taste Budditos packaging
Taste Budditos come in packs of two tiny wrapped stuffed animals.

Or you can get Budditos – two tiny Cutetitos who come packaged together. The latest in this series of buddies, Canivalitos buddies come packaged in a red-checked paper tray, much like what you’d get from a food truck. Each pair comes together, but in true Cutitos fashion, you won’t know which of the four pairs you get until after you purchase them. Remove the top layer of cardboard wrapping to unveil which animals you got. They both come with their individual blankets.

Carnivalitos Cutetitos on french fries printed
Each full size Carnivalitos Cutetitos comes with one of four festival food themed blankets.

No matter which size or how many Carnivalitos Cutitos you get, each one comes with a card with all the identifying details. Every one also has a food inspired blanket, which wraps around the stuffed animal and seals shut with hook and loop fasteners. And of course they all have the super soft fur and bright colors that make them appealing to kids everywhere.

Get ready to be delighted when you grab one of the new Carnivalitos Cutetitos series.

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