Minecraft Lego

Minecraft Pig House Lego set constructed and sitting on table

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Block Building Bliss

Minecraft Lego Pig house

  • What: Minecraft Lego
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Hands on, versatile, non-electronic
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have kids obsessed with Minecraft? Do they beg to play every waking second? If you want to give them the joys of Minecraft without all the screen time, look no further than Minecraft Lego.

Lego Minecraft The Modern Treehouse on Amazon

Lego makes a startling array of Minecraft themed sets. Prices range from ten dollars into the hundreds, so they can create their own world with all their favorite Minecraft characters and scenes in person. The classic building blocks work wonders with this theme, with block-headed characters just like the ones in the game, show, and everywhere else on screens.

Lego Minecraft The Panda Nursery on Amazon

Kids can enjoy combining the sets with any other Minecraft selections. They can also accessorize with Lego they already own for even more building options. My kids have a sudden blazing interest in all things Minecraft. Rather than spend all their time staring at screens, they work together to build a bigger and better Minecraft world from Lego. They’ve even connected all their different buildings with a cart track complete with working cart.

Minecraft Lego Panda Nursery set built on base plate
My kids have combined their Minecraft sets to create one big world.

If you want to support your kids’ Minecraft obsession without them spending hours staring at a screen and minimal in person interactions, get them started building their Lego Minecraft world today.

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