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JetKids BedBox being ridden by six year old and pulled by ten year old through airport

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Five year old riding the JetKids BedBox

  • What: JetKids BedBox 
  • When: One year and up
  • Why: Versatile, durable, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Remember the JetKids Bedbox? If there’s one item I’d recommend for any parent traveling with young children, the Bedbox is it. No competition. 

JetKids BedBox on Amazon 

We’ve had our BedBox for years, since it first started selling here. The newest versions have a few extras features, such a storage in the lid, but essentially it remains the same great product we’ve loved since day one.

Two and a half year old lying down with the use of a JetKids BedBox
My son using the BedBox on a long haul flight at age two and a half.

If you want to travel light without a stroller, this suitcase does triple duty. Kids can ride on it, pack in it, and even use it as a bed onboard planes, trains, and ferries. In a pinch, it also works as a bed at your destination. My kids have eschewed hotel beds to sleep on the (very thin) included mattress on the floor, where they felt comfortable in the familiar environment. 

JetKids BedBox being ridden by six year old and pulled by ten year old through airport
My kids used our BedBox on a recent trip through the airport.

Even though my kids are eleven, nine, and seven, they still fight over who gets to use our one BedBox. My oldest son, at over 90 pounds, weighs too much to ride on it anymore, but still loves to pull it through the airport, with or without a sibling on board. Having a child in charge of transporting younger siblings makes a huge difference when you have your hands full of suitcases, snacks, and other gear for the trip. 

JetKids BedBox interior packed with folding headphones, electronic cords in pouch
Everything we need on board fits neatly inside this hard-sided suitcase.

Both my other kids still fit easily onto the suitcase, which holds up to 35 kg (around 75 pounds). They prefer to be pulled rather than propel themselves now, simply because their long legs make it much less efficient to push themselves along. Even if you never take the bed out of the box on board, it holds all the water bottles and snacks they need, as well as electronic devices, activity books, crayons, and other entertainment options. I have no trouble fitting in three pairs of folding headphones with their handheld devices and enough snacks to get us through a five hour flight.

JetKids BedBox riding on Joovy stroller board glider board behind Snap stroller
The BedBox goes with us, even when kids aren’t actively using it.

You can also find deals on this multipurpose suitcase. But even if you pay full retail, and only take one trip with it, you will get your money’s worth out of this purchase. If you want first class travel and your kids are under the age of eight, don’t hesitate to grab one for your next trip.

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