Walking Animal Balloons

Floating PetsMy Own Pet walking animal balloon green stegosaurus dinosaur mylar balloon

  • What: Walking Animal Balloons
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, safe, irresistible
  • Where: Amazon

Ever had your child’s balloon get loose and float out of reach? Tired of risking flight with wayward balloons and tiny hands? If you haven’t seen an inflated pet walking placidly along behind a child yet, just wait. It will delight your child on their birthday or any other occasion when they get one or more of these walking pet balloons.

Walking Animal Balloons 12 Pack on Amazon

These mylar-type balloons make the material safe for kids of all ages, unlike traditional balloons, which can pop and pose a choking hazard for the youngest kids. The mylar also lasts longer than regular balloons. Some of our mylar balloons have stayed inflated for months. Best of all, these walking animal balloons won’t wander off. Because they come weighted, they won’t float away, even if your child lets go of the string for a moment or more.

My Own Pet walking animal balloon green stegosaurus dinosaur pet balloon on hardwood floor
The balloon string acts as the leash for these inflated pets.

Plus, kids love dragging them along behind them wherever they go, indoors or out. Because the actual inflated balloon floats six or more inches off the ground, you don’t have to worry about rough surfaces or other items popping the balloon animal unexpectedly. Neither do the animals float to the ceiling, getting stuck in fans or popped on sharp surfaces there. 

Child playing with inflatable green stegosaurus dinosaur pet balloon
My son loves pulling his dinosaur pet along by the string.

You can get a variety of animal shapes in these cute designs, from a dinosaur to tigers, pandas, dogs, unicorns, and much more. None of them require any care, just love and adoration. You can get a pack with more than one type of animal, and because they come deflated, use them one at a time on multiple occasions, or have plenty for siblings, friends, and relatives. If your child has a favorite type of animal, this walking balloon will thrill them and you, so grab your favorite soon and get walking.

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