Sex Ed Books for Kids

Age Appropriate Info at Every StageSex education books for kids It's So Amazing! It's NOT the Stork! Mommy Laid an Egg Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr

  • What: Sex Ed books for kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Educational, informative, age appropriate
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to start the big talk with your kids? Want to give kids the facts of life without overwhelming them? If you want age-appropriate explanations about reproduction tailor-made for kids, look on further than these selections for the best books and resources for a variety of ages.

Mommy Laid an Egg sex education for young kids book by Babette Cole cartoon

Mommy Laid an Egg: This picture book covers the basics with a fun, humorous twist, complete with cartoon illustrations. It flips the tables on parents, having two kids explain to their flummoxed parents just how reproduction works. While it doesn’t contain anything explicit, it does clearly show and label body parts for both genders. If you want a gentle introduction for the youngest kids, read this picture book with your child.

Bird and bee logo from Amy Lang website Birds plus Bees plus Kids

Birds and Bees and Kids: Amy Lang has been on a mission to educate parents for years. You can sign up on her website to get all sorts of great information, thanks to her podcast, blog, online classes, and much more. Don’t want to get all that? Grab a copy of one of her books and get started on demystifying sexuality for the next generation.

It's not the stork book

It’s Not the Stork!: The first book in this series is aimed at kids four to seven years old. Sit down with your young one and read it together all at once or a bit at a time. Whether you want to answer their questions or start the conversation early, this book explains everything in a way young kids can understand.

It's So Amazing! book cover by Robie H. Harris

It’s So Amazing!: Once kids get a bigger, this book geared towards seven to ten year olds dives in with even more information about sex, love, and family values. It gives an overview as well as lots of detailed information on changing bodies and moods. With generous amounts of text per page and clearly organized contents, kids can read this book alone or with a trusted adult.

Great Conversations: Will Puberty Last My Whole Life?: Once kids hit puberty, give them the tools they need to know what’s happening to their own bodies. This flip book comes packed with questions and answers from real kids. Half the book includes inquiries from boys, and the other half contains all the questions from girls. Together, they tackle almost any concerns your budding teenager might have about their changing bodies.

Good Pictures, Bad Picures Jr by Kristen A. Jenson

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr: Want to keep your kids safe online and in real life? This picture book covers the concept of pornography in terms that kids can understand, without seeming scary or intimidating for parents or kids. It empowers kids with simple steps to take if they encounter something not suitable for their eyes, and helps them determine what’s ok and what’s not. 

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