Kids’ Umbrellas

Child standing in rain next to sandbox holding Stephen Joseph umbrella

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Keep Kids Dry and HappyChild holding Stephen Joseph kids' umbrella over toddler younger sibling in rain on sidewalk

  • What: Stephen Joseph Kids’ Umbrella
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Durable, lightweight, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Want to go the extra mile to keep your kid dry this fall, winter, and spring? If you want an umbrella kids will actually carry that also keeps the rain off, get your hands on one of Stephen Joseph’s Umbrellas.

Stephen Joseph Kids’ Umbrella on Amazon

These umbrellas work great for young kids. The bright colors and design appeal to a wide variety of ages and stages, while the hook and loop closure makes it easy for little hands to operate. It has no buttons that can pinch small fingers, instead using a simple push and release mechanism. The hook at the end makes it perfect for attaching to strollers, backpack straps, and more to insure it’s always on hand when needed. Kids have no trouble carrying the lightweight umbrella for longer distances, and can use it with one hand as well. 

Child opening Stephen Joseph kids' umbrella while standing on front porch in rain
Even young kids have no trouble operating these umbrellas.

We got our first Stephen Joseph umbrella when my oldest son was a toddler. We bought two more in subsequent years for his younger siblings, because they fought over the first one so often. Each child had no trouble finding a color and design that appealed to them. After carrying them every day to preschool and even regular school, they have finally started to show signs of wear and tear. One has a bent wire support, though it’s still functional and can even collapse. Another one went missing entirely on one of its many adventures in the park.

Inside Stephen Joseph kid umbrella
The simple push mechanism keeps little hands safe from pinching.

If you want to up the game, you can try one of the newer color-changing umbrellas or a pop-up style from the same line. The cute designs turn to full color fun in the rain. They feature the same easy open and close style as the regular umbrellas, and kids can see the color change from underneath as well as the outside. That means they don’t take the umbrella down to watch the color change, though it won’t stop them from dipping it in puddles when the rain doesn’t fall on command. 

Stephen Joseph Kids’ Color Changing Umbrella on Amazon

Keep your child dry and happy with the help of one of these Stephen and Joseph umbrellas made for them. 

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