Kerplunk Game

Kerplunk sloth version of game looking down through top of tower tree with sticks in place

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Watch Out for Falling Objects

Kerplunk Sloths version kids game sticks and tiny sloths that fall through tree
  • What: Kerplunk Game
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to learn, fast to play
  • Where: Amazon

Imagine a game the whole family can enjoy, that requires minimal setup and zero literacy skills. Now add marbles and brightly colored sticks to the mix, and you get Kerplunk, a game of luck and strategy.

Kerplunk Kids Game on Amazon

This game has a basic premise. Place the colored sticks through the holes in the clear cylinder. Then drop in the marbles so they rest on top of the web of sticks. Roll the dice, which has one of the three colors coordinating to the sticks on each side. Remove a stick of the same color as you roll, without letting any marbles through the trap to the bottom of the cylinder. The player with the fewest marbles at the end of the game wins. 

Kerplunk sloth version kids game child placing sticks in clear cylinder tree
Place the sticks through the holds in the clear cylinder to get the game set up.

This game comes in a  wide variety of themes, all with the same basic premise. You can get a sloth version, with a tree as the cylinder and tiny plastic sloths who catch onto the branches. Or you can try the Star Wars version, with a clear RD-D2 who can’t be short circuited by the falling marbles. The Jurassic version includes raptors that drop through the sticks in the tower. The Despicable Me theme includes tons of tiny minions inside a ray gun tower.

Child playing Kerplunk sloth version sticks and marbles game for kids
Remove the same colored stick as rolled on the die and see how many sloths (or marbles) fall out.

No matter which design you choose, kids will enjoy setting up the game by placing the sticks in the slots. They won’t even notice the hand-eye coordination practice. Kids can also play by themselves, or make up their own rules such as who can collect the most marbles instead of the least.

Regardless of how you and your child choose to play, everyone can have a blast with this fast, fun game that’s easy to learn and play.

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