Travel Entertainment Supplies

Travel entertainment supplies for kids boogie drawing board, license plate bingo, miniature chalkboard placemats, Mad Libs travel edition

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Get There Without Whining

travel entertainment for kids Boogie drawing board, Mad Libs travel edition, license plate bingo boards, small chalkboard placemats

  • What: Travel Entertainment Supplies
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Packable, durable, long-lasting
  • Where: On the go

Traveling with kids in tow? Want to keep them entertained without worrying about how long the batteries will last, or if there will be an outlet handy to keep their devices charged? Whether you hit the road with kids in the backseat or go the distance in the air, these various supplies will help keep kids entertained and minimize how often they ask “Are we there yet?”

Mad Libs Travel Far and Mad edition fill in the blank stories for kids

Mad Libs: You can never go wrong with a good set of Mad Libs. Kids won’t notice they learn parts of speech while filling in the blanks of these pre-written stories. Whether kids fill in the list on their own and then read the completed story, or you write their suggestions in the blanks for them, everyone will get a kick out of the hilarity that ensues. Extra writing and spelling practice comes as a bonus with this activity.

Imagination Starters reusable washable chalkboard place mats forest scene colored in by seven year old child

Chalkboard Placemats: You can get these place mats in full size, or grab some of the miniature options for even more compact fun. Kids can draw, play games like tic tac toe, color, or even keep score from other games like hangman or a number guessing game. No matter how they end up using these boards, it beats searching for pen and paper while on the go. Erase and reuse indefinitely for hours of entertainment.

License plate bingo boards

License Plate Bingo: If you’re on the road, challenge kids to see how many different states they can collect from various license plates they spot. You can play collectively and try to get all 50 states, or compete to see who can get the most. Stuck on a train? Try a travel bingo game instead, or make up your own for even more options on airplanes.

Boogie Board Play and Trace see through writing tablet for kids

Boogie Drawing Board: These drawing boards make great travel companions. Use the included stylus to draw, write, or play games. When your kids need a clean surface, the touch of a button erases everything so they can start again. You can also get accessory packs to spark their imagination and draw out the fun even longer.

Doodle Mania scratch and Sketch art activity book Trace Along

Doodle Mania Scratch Art: If you want an activity book that goes the distance, check out this scratch art. Kids use the wooden stylus to remove the black coating and reveal the hidden colors underneath. Each book includes a variety of activities on the pages to keep kids quietly entertained. You may need to read instructions for younger kids, or just let them loose and see what happens. 

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