Magnetic Rack for Toys

Stick to Storage SystemMagnetic knife rack attached to side of child's bed holding pretend coin money, lantern, key chains

  • What: Magnetic Rack for Toys
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, multi-purpose, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Normally knives and young kids don’t mix well. But knife storage? That’s an entirely different matter. If you want to get toys off the floor and make good use of open wall space, get a magnetic knife rack.

Magnetic Knife Bar on Amazon

Instead of adding knives, let your kids put any metallic toys on the racks. You can hang several at different heights on the wall, or even go crazy and attach them to the sides of furniture like bookcases or bed frames. Wherever you choose to use them, these magnetic strips can keep toys handy and make picking up fun for kids.

Two magnetic knife rack wall strips attached to side of child's bed frame holding key chains, lantern, pretend coin, and more
My son uses these magnetic racks attached to the side of his bed to hold a myriad of objects.

We got these for my son’s vast collection of toy cars, though it turns out many aren’t metallic enough to stick. He’s since repurposed the magnets to hold other toys, like a variety of key chains. They work just as well as other items, like coins, keys, metal flashlights, and more. Anything attached removes easily for playing, and goes back on without leaving any sticky residue or requiring added pieces. The racks install in a few minutes, making it easy to use them just about anywhere.

If you want more storage and less mess, consider using magnetic strips in your child’s bedroom or play area.

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