The Way Things Work Now Book

Diagrams and Drawings of Everyday ItemsThe Way Things Work Now book by David Macaulay

  • What: The Way Things Work Now Book
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Explanatory, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a kid insatiable for knowledge? Do they soak up information like sponges absorb water? If you want to fill your child’s head with an array of fascinating tidbits from ancient and modern times, look no further than The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay.

The Way Things Work Now book on Amazon

The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay features almost 400 pages packed with information about the inner workings of machines both simple and complex. Filled with details that will fascinate a wide variety of age groups, kids and adults alike can enjoy a journey through time invention by invention.

The Way Things Work Now book by David Macaulay table of contents
This book covers almost anything and everything in five distinct sections.

Split into five sections, this reference book covers movement, waves, electricity, and digital discoveries from the distant past to the present. Each page covers a topic in depth, yet leaves plenty of room for cartoon-type illustrations that help bring the subject to life. Interested in how telescopes work? Learn about mirrors, reflection, and refraction. Want to know more about switches? Discover how electricity powers circuits, which in turn connect to lights, cars, and much more.

The Way Things Work Now book by David Macaulay page spread on blast furnace and steel converter
Each page comes packed with lots of information and illustrations.

Younger kids will enjoy picking pages and listening to the information, while kids reading independently can scour the book from cover to cover or delve deeper into anything included that intrigues them.

Whether your child has a specific fascination with machines and mechanics, or they just have a thirst for knowledge, this book will sate them – at least for as long as it takes to read it.

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