Rock Painting Kit

Child holding painted rock made from rock painting kit in hands

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Rock Solid Craft for Kids

Child holding painted rock made from rock painting kit in hands

  • What: Rock Painting Kit
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, creative, complete 
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Want to expand their artistic endeavors beyond the typical medium of paper? Get your child a Rock Painting Kit.

JOYEZA Deluxe Rock Painting Kit on Amazon

This kit comes with everything a kid needs to decorate their own rocks. It includes twelve colors of paint (six regular and six metallic), two paint brushes, two small bottles of glitter glue, a sponge, a palette, googly eyes galore, and a bag of ten smooth rocks perfect for painting. Kids can enjoy the paint, while parents rest easy knowing that the non-toxic colors won’t harm their kid or anything else. The kit also includes a guide to inspire kids with different designs, or they can create their own works of art set in stone.

Joyeza rock painting kit contents rocks paint paintbrushes glitter glue gems googly eyes paint palette sponge and more
This kit comes with everything kids need to get started.

This kit works great for multiple age groups, as well as a party activity where each child gets their own rock. Just add extra paint brushes to make a great group activity. Or have your child decorate each rock, and give them as gifts to their nearest and dearest. The finished product can be added to potted plants for extra pizazz, used for table decorations, or to put the final touch in yards and outdoor spaces.

Child painting rock from Joyeza rock painting kit
My kids loved decorating their own rocks.

No matter how your child uses this kit, the end result is lots of original artwork that can be easily displayed in a variety of ways.

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