Pokemon Backpack Playset

Pokemon backpack playset treetop with trapdor and Bulbasaur figure sitting on top Squirtle figure coming out the bottom of the tree

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Adventure Beyond the Game

Pokemon backpack carry case playset with figures set up
  • What: Pokemon Backpack Playset
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun, compact, portable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid obsessed with Pokemon in all its forms? Does your kid want to bring the fun of the Pokemon card game to life? If your child loves figures of their favorite Pokemon characters, check out this portable Pokemon Backpack Playset.

Pokemon Carry Case Playset on Amazon

This bright green hard shell backpack packs an extra punch. Not only can it hold their collection of figures, but it hides an entire playset packed with adventure inside. Kids will have no trouble getting the backpack set up on their own. The sides split open to reveal lots of terrain, complete with a battle arena that folds out and launches Pokemon into the air. A treetop with trap door raises up to provide lots of dimensions for playing. A whirlpool actually spins for even more fun. A secret door tucked into the rocky terrain lets Pokemon hide safely from any pursuers. And a launcher tucked inside a plant will send figurines flying.

Pokemon backpack carry case play set folded out with extra figures stored inside
The compact backpack hides tons of features and still has space to store more figurines.

Measuring about the size of a bag of chips, this backpack comes with two adjustable straps so kids can easily carry it and still have their hands free. It includes one Pikachu figure, and works with any other two inch tall characters. It makes a great toy to take to friends’ or grandparents’ houses, or anywhere else kids want to have their Pokemon toys with them. All the features fold up neatly inside and leave room to include additional figurines.

Pokemon backpack carry case playset packed up inside case
The backpack can be easily carried by kids without weighing them down.

If your kid can’t get enough Pokemon playing, up their game with this play set that doubles as storage and fun on the go.

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