Junior Metal Detector

Search for Hidden TreasureNational Geographic Junior Metal Detector with instructions and learning guide booklet

  • What: Junior Metal Detector
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Fun, hands-on, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Have kids who love to explore? Want to introduce them to discoveries that lie just under the surface? Grab a Junior Metal Detector from National Geographic and let them see what they can collect on their next adventure outdoors.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector on Amazon

Your child may not find a diamond ring armed with this metal detector, but they are sure to discover a lot just below the surface. The metal detector can sense objects buried as deep as seven inches. Even if your kids can’t find anything (and you will likely also be surprised at what turns up), the detector comes with five golden doubloons. Hide them and let you kids hunt them armed with this detector.

National Geographic junior metal detector with instructions and learning guide booklet and bag of nails found with detector
So far, my son has found a LOT of nails with his detector.

Weighing around a pound and half, kids won’t wear out hauling this metal detector from spot to spot. What’s more, the waterproof coil means they can go treasure hunting in almost any weather. An extendable handle makes it a great fit for a variety of ages and heights. Venture out with a spade or other digging tool in hand to unearth their discoveries. When they finish looting, the coil will fold up and the arm support comes off to make storage or transport a breeze. 

National Geographic junior metal detector with coil folded and arm support removed for compact storage and transport
The coil folds up and the arm support removes to make storing this metal detector easier.

If you want to encourage kids to explore their surroundings or delight intrepid explorers, take this Junior Metal Detector and get outside.

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