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House front door with walk leading up to it through grass

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Help Kids Learn Their Address and Phone NumberHouse front door with walk leading up to it through grass

  • What: Memorize Key Info
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids safe, make it easy to learn
  • Where: At home

Finally ready to let your child walk a block or more to their friend’s house? Want to make sure if you lose your child in a crowded area, they can find their way home? If your child hasn’t already learned their address and phone number, try these helpful hints to get them on their way sooner rather than later.

Jelly beans and chocolate coins in container decorated with pumpkins
We have a goodie bowl where the kids can pick their reward for reciting their address and phone numbers.

Reward Success: If your child can recite the information you want them to learn, make sure they get a reward. From a few jelly beans or a lollipop to extra minutes on their favorite device, a little encouragement can go a long way. My kids ask to recite their information so they can still cash in on the reward, and I’m happy to indulge them.

Piano keyboard
Come up with a tune that fits your address or phone number to make it easier to remember.

Make Up a Jingle: Setting an address or phone number to music can help kids remember, even when they encounter a stressful situation, like getting separated from their parents. Sing the jingle every time you leave or return home, and they’ll know it in no time.

Apple iPhone dial pad screen
Let kids practicing dialing their phone number (or your cell) to help them learn it.

Use the Info: Let your child practice dialing the phone so they develop their muscle memory. Then, when it comes to crunch time, they can look at a phone screen and type in the numbers without needing to think much about it. Or have them write the return address on envelopes, so the letters and numbers become more familiar. Even young kids can usually manage their house number.

Keys attached to carabiner on hardwood floor
Keys won’t help kids if they can’t find their house.

Start Small: If they aren’t bit enough to learn their entire address, have them start smaller. Try the digits in your house number, or the area code for your phone number or zip code instead of the entire address. Once they master that portion, add onto it until they have the entire thing memorized.

No matter how you choose to help your child learn their address and phone number, this info can come in handy in a variety of situations. Get your child started today.

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