Gender Neutral Kids’ Clothes

Old Navy Kids Clothes in Common sweatpants in green and blue with pockets and drawstring waist

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Put Some Color in Their ClosetOld Navy Kids Clothes in Common sweatpants in green and blue with pockets and drawstring waist

  • What: Gender Neutral Kids’ Clothes
  • When: Toddler to college
  • Why: Colorful, affordable, durable
  • Where: Old Navy

Got a son who loves pink? Tired of shopping for him in the girls’ department? Or maybe your daughter loves camouflage, but it rarely shows up in clothes for her. Once you get past the baby stage, finding gender neutral clothes becomes a thing of the past. Until now.

Old Navy Clothes in Common sweatpants for kids in blue and green with pockets and drawstring waist
These affordable clothes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Thanks to Old Navy, now we have choices beyond the neutral color palette. My eleven year old son loves color. Yet, since he outgrew the toddler department back around age 5, he’s had very little choice in colors, especially in the pants department. So you can imagine our joy when we discovered Old Navy’s new gender neutral kids clothes, which come packed with colors beyond the traditional khaki, navy, gray and black that fill the boys’ clothing departments elsewhere.

These cozy clothes don’t come with a big price tag, either. We’ve tried Hanna Anderson for their primary-colored sweatpants. Not only did they not deliver what we ordered, but the pants barely lasted a season before ripping to shreds. If these Old Navy options hold up half as well as the other relaxed pants we’ve bought from Old Navy, all three of my kids will get to wear them.

Old Navy Clothes in Common green sweatpants for kids
These super soft sweatpants have pockets and an adjustable drawstring waist.

Under the Clothes in Common branding, you can choose from a variety of comfortable lounge and play clothes. The collection includes zip-front hoodies, sweatshirts with both long and short sleeves, sweat pants, and terry shorts. Mix and match the bright colors and fun patterns. With more than fifteen to choose from, you’re sure to find something your child will love to wear. Sizes range from XS, made to fit five year olds, to XXL, which goes up to 18.

I bought two pairs in size L (10-12) for my eleven year old son and brought them home to try. He’s worn nothing else since. The actual drawstring waist makes these clothes fit a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, unlike those token strings on many pants that don’t serve any actual purpose. And the super soft fabric makes kids want to wear these clothes again and again.

The best part? The gender neutral clothing choices aren’t limited to kids. You can find the same fun colors and comfortable clothes for any age, thanks to the toddler and adult collections under the same name. 

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