NFL Showdown Game

NFL Showdown football board game set up for play

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Fantasy Football at Its Finest

NFL Showdown football board game set up
  • What: NFL Showdown Game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, engaging
  • Where: Amazon

Has your favorite NFL team let you down this season? Maybe your best player got injured, and the game just isn’t the same. Never fear, NFL Showdown is here!  This board game replicates the vagaries and strategy of football, all for much less than the cost of a ticket to the big game.

NFL Showdown Board Game on Amazon

Much like the Football Peg Game and Electric Football, this board imitates the real sport. But unlike those options, this game puts players in charge of the action. With two different modes of play, kids and adults can enjoy the competition. One player goes on offense while the other defends. In Rookie mode, each player gets three cards and chooses one per play by laying it face down on the field. When both players have made their play call, flip the cards over and compare. Each combination of cards will result in different plays, from a first down to a turnover. 

NFL Showdown football board game playbook cards face up on field to determine play and yards gained
In the combination of offense and defense play cards, the red lines connect, so the offense will roll both the white die to see if they make the catch, and the red die to see how many yards they gain.

With three dice, the game ups the ante. Going for a pass? Roll the white die to find out if you get a catch, an incomplete pass, or an interception. The red dice comes into play on short passes, with gains ranging from zero to 15 yards, while the yellow dice works for longer passes, and ranges from zero to 35 yard gains. The green dice goes with running plays, with distances of zero to fifteen yards possible. 

NFL Showdown football board game playbook cards for offense and defense
In Pro mode, each player gets three sets of cards to choose from.

Once you master rookie mode, upgrade to the pro version. In this version, each player gets more plays to call. Choose from a shotgun offense, power run, or the rookie cards. The defense gets more cards to defend as well. Pro mode also puts players in control when they score a touchdown. Instead of getting seven points on each touchdown, players choose to kick a field goal with the included ball and field goal posts, or go for a two point conversion. Players also roll the distance dice together to determine the length of punts and kickoffs in this advanced mode.

NFL Showdown football game score tracker with NFL logo footballs attached
Keep track of the quarter and the score with footballs featuring the team logo.

No matter which way you choose to play, use the included score board to keep track of points. Each player gets one turn on offense and defense per quarter, and the game lasts four quarters. It includes a board with yard markings, as well as a field marker for yardage required to get a first down, and a token to use as a down marker.

NFL Showdown big play cards
Big Play cards for each team give players an extra edge in the competition.

The game includes big play cards and footballs with logos for all 32 professional teams. Choose your favorite and see if you can lead them to a win. The person with the most points after four quarters of football wins. Enjoy the strategy and luck of the big game all year round thanks to NFL Showdown.

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