Order Your Advent Calendars

2021 Advent calendars for kids LEGO Star Wars LEGO City Plush Animal Safari

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Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

2021 Advent calendars for kids LEGO Star Wars LEGO City Plush Animal Safari
  • What: Order Advent Calendars for kids
  • When: Now
  • Why: Have more choices
  • Where: Amazon

With Halloween behind us, that can only mean one thing. No, not Christmas music for the next two months. It’s time to put in your orders for your kid’s Advent calendar.

2021 LEGO Star Wars advent calendar for kids
I’ve lost count of how many years we’ve gotten a Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar.

No matter what kind of Advent calendar your child loves, now is a great time to buy. Retailers have more choices available earlier in the season, and you want to make sure to have it in hand by December 1st. We love the LEGO Advent Calendars, and my kids get a different one in the same theme each year. I’ve lost count of how many Star Wars LEGO calendars from Amazon we’ve had. We’ve also had LEGO City from Amazon and LEGO Friends from Amazon in the past. This year, LEGO also offers Marvel Avengers on Amazon, as well as the yearly Harry Potter version also on Amazon.

Plushie Safari advent calendar for kids
You can even get an advent calendar with 24 tiny stuffed animals.

If your kid wants something different, Amazon also has Playmobil, Disney, and many more. Whether  it’s toys or treats, find your favorites and put in your order now to give your kids a fun way to countdown to Christmas.

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