Stomach Flu Scare

Praying for Food PoisoningToilet bowl with lid and seat up gaping open

  • What: Stomach Flu Scare
  • When: Kids start vomiting
  • Why: Hope for the best
  • Where: At home

We came across this unpublished post from several years back, and thought readers might enjoy the agony common to parents across the globe. We did not have to cancel our trip, thankfully, as it would be the last time for several years we’d be able to travel internationally to visit family.

Ever wished for food poisoning? Me either, until now. If I were devout, I’d be on my knees praying to the porcelain gods for food poisoning. Why, you might ask? On the eve of our departure with three kids under 8 to travel more than 30 hours across two continents (and after I had our belongings mostly packed), one kid started vomiting. 

He’s thrown up twice so far, the first right as we lay down for bed. He shares a room with his brother, who immediately vacated the premises. He’s currently sleeping with a bowl and I’m trying to bank a bit of extra sleep just in case the universe has decided we’re overdue for a bout of stomach flu.

Please please please let it be food poisoning. We ate out at a restaurant which means not everyone would have it, just him and his two parents who ate after him.

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