Best of October 2021

Fun, Games, and More StorageBattleship Shots game Clue Junior kids board game in front of IKEA Hemnes Daybed in twin configuration

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  • When: October 2021
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October has rolled around yet again, and this month’s favorite reads reveal no surprises. Readers want ways to entertain their kids (and themselves!) without resorting to screens. They also love furniture that does double duty, as seen below.

Battleship Shots game orange balls

Battleship Shots: This spin on the classic Battleship Game makes for a faster paced game. Players take turns launching ping pong type balls at their opponent’s boats. The first player to sink all their opponents ships wins. This game requires less strategy and more luck than the original version, making it great for a wide variety of ages.

CLue Junior board laid out ready to play

Clue Junior: Clue Junior puts players in charge of solving the mystery of who ate the cake, at what time, and with which drink. Any player can move one of the six brightly colored pawns around the board to collect clues. A pictorial clue sheet makes it easy for even young players to eliminate options and race to the correct conclusion.

Hemnes convertible trundle daybed from IKEA

Hemnes Daybed: Whether you’re upgrading your child to a big bed, or want furniture that does double duty in a spare room, IKEA’s Hemnes daybed goes the distance. It transforms from a twin bed to a king thanks to a trundle support system. Even better, it includes three storage drawers tucked underneath, to increase storage options and organization.

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