Excavation Kits for Kids

Fossil hidden inside plaster base partially chiseled out next to magnifying glass

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Unearth Real Treasures

Fossil hidden inside plaster base partially chiseled out next to magnifying glass

  • What: Excavation Kids for Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Educational, fun, hands-on
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who loves digging in the dirt? Want them to get hands-on experience discovering treasures of their own? Let them loose with an Excavation Kit made just for them.

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit on Amazon

You can get these kits in several different types, from fossils to gemstones. Each box has everything kids need to get started. Use the included chisel to scrape away the plaster-based brick and reveal the hidden treasures inside. Once they get close, the brush helps them uncover their treasure without damaging it. And a magnifying glass gets them up close and personal with their new finds.

Excavation kit for kids plaster rock partially cracked inside cardboard box lid with list of things found inside
My son has gone back to his excavation countless times over two years.

These kits work great to keep kids occupied for hours on end. My son has gone back to his project over and over again for multiple months. Chipping away the brick can get messy, though. You’ll want a box or other container to keep their project inside. A box lid works great at protecting your furniture and collecting all the dust. This activity also works well outdoors, where the dust and other mess can scatter freely. Kids can also use a hammer, nail, and safety goggles to crack the plaster faster. 

Excavation kit for kids small amount of plaster left with fossil rock sitting on top and hammer and nail in background
A hammer and nail will also get the job done.

Imagine their delight when they discover fossils, gemstones, and more kinds of treasures with an excavation kit of their own.

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