Memoir 44 Board Game

Memoir 44 board game box Word War II historical strategy game

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Battles from History

Memoir 44 board game box Word War II historical strategy game

  • What: Memoir 44 Board Game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Educational, strategic, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Want to take the battle off the screen and away from electronic entertainment? Memoir 44, a World War II strategy based game, puts players in charge of the action. With armies based on the nations that fought in this major conflict, Memoir 44 offers plenty of options for players who love history.

Memoir 44 Board Game by Days of Wonder on Amazon

With 17 scenarios based on historical battles from the European theater, players choose their side. They can select Axis or Allied forces to compete and see who can win. A double-sided board with battlefields printed on both sides allows lots of different game configurations, each with its own set of win conditions. Follow the included instruction guide to add obstacles and terrain to mimic the different layouts of each battle. Use the 60 command cards  and six dice to deploy your forces and achieve victory. With easy to follow rules, players can learn the game and get playing fast.  The six dice with pictures indicate what happens on any given attack move, giving the game an element of chance in addition to the strategy needed to win. 

Memoir 44 board game back of box
Use the double-sided board and terrain hexes to set up 17 different historical battles and play them to their conclusion.

My eleven-year-old history-obsessed son has been playing this game for several years. He loves setting out the terrain, arranging the additional hexes, and admiring the detail on all the army pieces, from soldiers to tanks. If your child loves army men, and wants to go one step further in their imaginary battles, this game takes their play to the next step. Laying out historical battles, each side must take advantage of their strengths paired with a flexible plan of attack to remain victorious. Kids love all the pieces they can set up and move around the board. Thanks to the many different scenarios all included in one box, kids can play this game over and over again without it getting repetitive. All the pieces fit nicely back in the box for storage between games. 

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