Donut Pet Bed

Nononfish Donut pet dog bed fluffy pink raised sides

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Lap of Luxury

Nononfish Donut pet dog bed fluffy pink raised sides
  • What: Donut Pet Bed
  • When: All the pet years
  • Why: Soft, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

All pet parents know that giving your pet a good night’s rest matters. If you want to treat your pet to the lap of luxury without breaking the bank, consider indulging them with a Donut Bed from Nononfish.

 Nononfish Donut Pet Bed on Amazon

This luxuriously plush dog bed offers a soft surface for pets to relax. The raised rim gives them a place to rest their head, or they can snuggle up inside the bumper sides to curl up comfortably. These beds come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any pet, from 19 inches across to 48 inches across. It goes perfectly underneath furniture. With 13 colors to choose from, it can coordinate with almost any decor. The anti-slip surface on the bottoms means you never have to worry about your pet tripping or sliding around while getting in or out of their special cozy spot. 

Nononfish pink donut pet dog bed with chihuahua mix dog wearing puffy hot pink jacket
Our ten pound Chihuahua mix dog fits perfectly into the 19-inch bed.

All of our pets, from the dog to the cat to the ferrets, adore this bed. They love to curl up in it to rest. The fluffy material has stood up well to regular use, and the bed hasn’t lost any of its stuffing or fluffiness. If it gets dirty, you can toss it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle to remove any odors or stains.

Ferrets sleeping in nononfish dog pet donut bed
The ferrets also love to curl up in this bed any chance they get.

Treat your beloved pet to this plush dog bed of their dreams. Just watch out, or you might find your young kids cuddled up in it as well.

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