Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

Brio 33886 Cargo Transport helicopter red wooden train toy with cargo and pilot standing by

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Wooden Trains Take Flight

Brio 33886 Cargo Transport helicopter red wooden train toy with cargo and pilot standing by

  • What: Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Durable, compatible with other sets
  • Where: Brio

If you want to add another dimension to your child’s playtime with wooden trains, the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter goes the distance. 

Brio 33886 Cargo Transport Helicopter wooden train toy with pilot cargo and cargo car getting loaded onto ramp
This helicopter can hold two small loaded freight cars.

This bright red helicopter lets kids load their cargo and fly it wherever it needs to go. With a spinning rotor and a lift gate that opens and closes to make loading a cinch, kids will enjoy taking their trains to new heights. The set comes with one pilot figure, two cargo train cars, two cargo boxes, and two pieces of wooden cargo that fit neatly inside. Roll both cargo wagons into the helicopter for delivery. Circular window cutouts mean kids can peek inside to see the contents. Up front, the cockpit cover lifts to make putting the pilot in easy for even the littlest hands. 

Brio 33886 Cargo Transport Helicopter cockpit open with pilot figure seated inside wooden train toy
The cockpit opens to easily access the included pilot.

Much like all of Brio’s wooden trains line of toys, the sturdy plastic and wooden pieces hold up to repeated play.Three sets of wheels ensure the helicopter glides smoothly on the ground. The lightweight materials make it easy for little hands to lift, fly, and land as often as they desire. We’ve had our Brio cargo transport helicopter for several years, and it looks almost brand new despite multiple sessions of play as well as many outings. Like all Brio sets, this one is compatible with other wooden train toys.

If you want to elevate your child’s wooden train world, look no further than a ride on this cargo transport helicopter.

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