Ukulele for Kids

Everjoys Ukulele kit for beginners kids

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Music Made Easy

Everjoys Ukulele kit for beginners kids

  • What: Ukulele for Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, complete, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Want to introduce your child to the joys of music without investing in an instrument that takes up a ton of space and requires special movers? Maybe you want an instrument that can grow with your child. If you want a great start to their musical career, check out Everjoys Soprano Beginner Ukulele Pack.

Everjoys Soprano Ukulele Beginner Pack on Amazon

This solid yet lightweight instrument makes a great introduction to music lessons for your child. Choose from 11 different colors and finishes to get one your child will adore. Four solid strings make it easy for your child to learn notes and chords on this 21-inch ukulele. The guitar-style tuning makes it simple to get just the right pitch, while the nylon strings put less pressure on little fingers without sacrificing sound quality.

Everjoys Ukulele tuning head and rainbow strings for beginners kids
Brightly colored strings help kids identify the notes, and the tuning makes it easy for small hands.

Even better, this pack includes everything your child needs to get started. In addition to the ukulele, you get a storage bag, an adjustable strap, a tuner, a songbook, a spare string, and a polishing cloth. It all tucks neatly inside the ukulele shaped bag, making it easy for your child to keep track of all their belongings. 

Nine year old girl playing ukulele with sheet music in front of her
This beginner’s pack includes everything kids need to start playing.

My nine-year-old daughter received this ukulele as a gift almost a year ago, and she loves it. It has held up very well to playing, and thanks to the rainbow colored strings on her version, she has no trouble remembering which string goes with which note. The bag keeps it all safely stored, and we’ve had zero issues thus far with this durable beginner’s instrument.

If you want to start your child off right on their musical journey, don’t hesitate to pick up this Ukulele Beginner Pack.

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