Laundry Octopus

PRESSA Hanging Octopus laundry organizer from IKEA

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Eight Tentacled WonderPRESSA Hanging Octopus laundry organizer from IKEA

  • What: Pressa Hanging Octopus
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Compact, affordable, expands storage
  • Where: IKEA or Amazon

Do you have tiny closets? No laundry room? Want to expand your child’s clothing or dress up storage in a way they can reach? Look no further than the eight tentacles on this adorable Pressa Hanging Octopus.

Pressa Hanging Octopus from IKEA on Amazon

Each tentacle on this octopus comes with two clips, so it can hold up to 16 items. When not in use, the tentacles fold down to store compactly. Use only as many as you need at any given time. Thanks to the strong hook on top, this octopus can hang out in many different places. While the top hook is too skinny to connect to a regular closet rod, it fits easily over a curtain rod, drying rack, or another hanger. The durable plastic can be used indoors or out to help clothes and just about anything else dry faster.

PRESSA Octopus from IKEA with tentacles folded up and laying on counter
This octopus folds down compactly when not in use.

Kids have no trouble using the clips to attach their own clothes. We liked this octopus so much we got two, one to use to hang up swim clothes to dry at home, and another for our travel trailer, where space is always at a premium.  It works great for smaller sized items like cloth diapers and covers, kids’ clothes, and undergarments that need to air dry. It also means you don’t waste all your hanging space with small items that can easily slip off a regular hanger, line, or drying rack. 

PRESSA hanging octopus from IKEA hanging from curtain rod in RV shower with on turquoise tentacle folded down
You can fold down as many tentacles as you want to use.

If you want to expand your laundry options or add more hanging storage your kids can reach and use, adopt one of these multi-functional octopi today.

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