Collapsing Train Bridge

Brio wooden train collapsing bridge with freight engine and two box cars crossing upper level

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Crash and Block

Brio wooden train collapsing bridge with freight engine and two box cars crossing upper level

  • What: Brio World Collapsing Bridge
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, multi-purpose, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Want to take your child’s wooden train sets to new levels? If your child loves their suspension bridge and you’d like to take their trains to new highs and lows, now you can bring more trains over and under more places thanks to the Brio Collapsing Bridge.

Brio World Collapsing Bridge on Amazon

This bridge set comes with a plastic brown wooden overpass complete with a regular medium straight piece built into the sturdy base. Kids can use the two included ramp pieces to bring their trains up to the higher level, while the lower piece connects seamlessly with other tracks. Push the round red button and make the upper bridge collapse, blocking the lower level passage as well. The plastic pieces pop easily back into the place for simple track repairs, and kids can enjoy crashing trains over and over again.

Brio Collapsing train bridge with crashed freight train toy box cars and orange engine
Kids can crash this bridge over and over again.

This bridge, like all Brio wooden trains, works with other wooden train pieces and sets, including the affordable Orbrium, Target, and IKEA options. Kids love crashing the tracks right when trains pass over or under. They can add the bridge without using both levels, or expand further thanks to the built-in piece underneath.

Brio Collapsing train bridge wooden toy with upper tracks collapsed
A simple push of the button causes the upper tracks to collapse.

We’ve crashed countless trains, both passenger and freight, yet this bridge still looks as good as new. The mechanism operates seamlessly, and kids will have no trouble crashing or resetting it on their own. It stands up well to lots of rough play and interactive use. Add another level to their wooden train tracks with this collapsing bridge and let their imaginations soar.

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