Dog Man Books

Dog Man Lord of the Fleas book by Dav Pilkey

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Canine Captures Crime

Dog Man Lord of the Fleas book by Dav Pilkey
  • What: Dog Man Books
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Funny, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid who loves graphic novels? Looking for a new series they can enjoy? This graphic novel series by award-winning author Dav Pilkey will delight elementary aged kids to no end. Don’t wait to get your paws on Dog Man.

Dog Man Book One on Amazon 

After a tragic accident involving a dog and a police officer, doctors save both lives by combining the head of the dog with the body of the police officer. This trusted companion becomes one of the finest cops on the force – except when his canine instincts take over. Criminals will throw balls, let loose running squirrels, and anything else that distract this lovable mishmash crime fighter extraordinaire.

Dog Man books For Whom the Ball Rolls, Lord of the Fleas, and Brawl of the Wild
Brawl of the Wild, Lord of the Fleas, and For Whom the Ball Rolls are a few of the titles in this ten book graphic novel series.

With ten books currently in the series, kids will find plenty to love and read. While the basic premise remains the same in each book, the tales have different humorous details for kids and adults alike. Grown up will recognize the title spiffs on classic tales, such as Mothering Heights and For Whom the Ball Rolls, while kids can’t get over the hilarity of these animal characters and their antics.

Dog Man Lord of the Fleas graphic novel book for kids by Dav Pilkey
Each book has plenty of action to keeps kids reading.

My kids, ranging in age from seven to eleven, read these books over and over again. They love getting a new volume from the library and perusing it endlessly. You can buy books individually or in sets of three, six, or all ten titles on Amazon. No matter how many you buy, your kids are sure to love these canine capers.

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