Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Star Wars

Star Wars themed gifts for kids Star Wars Ultimate Library, Thermos food jar, kids water bottle, LEGO Advent Calendar, star fighter sheets, BB8 blanket, and Complete Vehicles book

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May the Force Be With Your Child

Star Wars themed gifts for kids Star Wars Ultimate Library, Thermos food jar, kids water bottle, LEGO Advent Calendar, star fighter sheets, BB8 blanket, and Complete Vehicles book
  • What: Star Wars Themed Gifts for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Explore the dark and light side 
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid who wants to grow up to be Luke Skywalker? Maybe your daughter dreams of piloting the Millennium Falcon. Whether your child can’t get enough of the original episodes or they have fallen for The Mandalorian, they will love these gifts from a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space chapter books for kids

Adventures in Wild Space: Journey to the furthest reaches of the galaxy with two kids on a mission to find and rescue their parents. Kids will recognize some favorites from the beloved movies in this series of chapter books written just for them. 

2021 LEGO Star Wars advent calendar for kids

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: It’s never too late to get started with the Christmas countdown thanks to the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Each year, LEGO puts out another version of this beloved set with 24 small doors. Hidden in each compartment are a few LEGO bricks to assemble. Together, all the pieces set the scene for some serious Star Wars holidays. Kids can also get exclusive holiday pieces in these advent calendars.

Thermos Funtainer kid stainless steel straw water bottle

Water Bottle: Let kids sip from a water bottle decorated with their favorite character, scene, or insignia. No matter which side of the force they prefer, all characters need to stay hydrated. Thanks to this flask with a folding straw and a button to open the lid, kids can sip whenever they need a drink.

Star Wars Complete Vehicles new edition visual encyclopedia star fighters

Star Wars Complete Vehicle Book: This encyclopedia runs the gamut from sand speeders to star fighters. Let your kids delve into the magic with technical diagrams, specifications, and much much more. Perfect for any kids who dreams of one day piloting their own X-wing or any other flying craft, this book provides hours of intricate details and discovery.

Thermos Food Jar: Make sure they eat with the best of the rebel or Empire forces thanks to these Star Wars themed food jars. Each ten ounce Thermos comes with a tightly sealing lid that can keep food warm or hot for hours. Perfect for bringing a little of the force to everyday lunches or outings, kids have no trouble opening these dishwasher safe containers.

Star Wars Easy Readers Ultimate Library picture books for kids

Star Wars Ultimate Library: Want to let kids enjoy all the stories from their favorite movies without ever turning on a screen? These books come in three different levels to help kids develop their reading skills. Each book offers a different topic or story to engage their interest and help them explore different planets. Best of all, the twenty books come in a box where they can be stored between reading.

Build a Bear Kylo Ren bear in costume

Build-a-Bear: Kids can stuff and dress their favorite character from the movies and shows. While selections may vary by location and time of year, you can find such fan favorites as Baby Yoda, R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Rey. Choose Star Wars themed accessories to complete their experience. 

Star Wars BB8 Throw Blanket on Amazon

Blanket and Sheets: Kids can cozy up with a fleece blanket while they enjoy their favorite episode. You’ll find so many options in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and characters, we couldn’t possibly list them all. From throw blankets to sheets and covers for almost any size bed, you can find your child’s favorite.

Star Wars Made Easy A Beginner's Guide to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars Made Easy: Does your child have trouble keeping track of the Skywalker clan? Maybe they can’t tell a Sith from a Jedi. Thanks to this encyclopedia book of knowledge, now they can! This book breaks down every Star Wars movie, show, and more to keep kids (and adults) on track and in touch with their favorite galaxy with this trip through hyperspace.

Star Wars Chewbacca Costume Pajamas for Kids on Amazon

Clothing: Whether you like dark, light, or something in between, you can find shirts, pajamas, and more with Star Wars themes. Let them dress up like their favorite character for snoozing all night long, or sport a shirt with a fun saying that harkens to the lighter side of the force. Either way, kids can enjoy these practical Star Wars clothing gifts all year long.

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