Easy Holiday Cookies

Impress Without the MessDuncan Hines Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies candy cane sprinkles made on white plate with silver trim

  • What: Duncan Hines Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Kit
  • When: 1 year and up
  • Why: Tasty, easy, impressive looking
  • Where: Amazon or your local store

Want to bring some extra joy to the holiday season this year? Do you have a child who loves helping in the kitchen? If you want to make baking show worthy cookies without all the effort and precision, grab a box of Duncan Hines Cookie Kit.

Duncan Hines Cookie Kit on Amazon

These cookies look as fantastic as they taste. With frosting sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, kids and grownups alike can enjoy this tasty treat anytime. All you need is 4 tablespoons of butter, one egg, water, and the box. Easy instructions mean even kids can help in the kitchen with these treats. Mix up the cookie dough, divide it into 24 cookies, add sprinkles, and bake as directed. Once they cool, flip half over and squeeze the included pre-made frosting onto each half. You won’t even need to mess up any additional tools to add the frosting.

Duncan Hines Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies Kit baking steps and instructions
These cookies require four easy steps to complete.

This box makes twelve sandwich cookies so tasty everyone will want one. You can make the cookies larger, resulting in fewer of the final product, or smaller, for more at the end. Regardless of size, the tiny candy cane shaped sprinkles provide the finishing touch. Best of all, with twelve cookies as the finished product, you won’t have to resist the urge to eat them. They will be long gone before you overindulge. 

Duncan Hines Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich cookie kit box behind two cookies with frosting filling and tiny candy cane shaped sprinkles on white plate
Our whole family loved these cookies.

My seven-year-old son loved helping mix and assemble these tasty treats. We had a variety of sizes and ended up with seven sandwich cookies at the end of the process. Keep an eye out at your local store for this box of impressively easy holiday goodies or save yourself the trip and order online. Either way, happy holiday snacking!

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