Candy Land Game

Hasbro's Candy Land game with red and blue pawns set up on colored track with box in background

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Sweets, Treats, and FunHasbro's Candy Land game with red and blue pawns set up on colored track with box in background

  • What: Candy Land Game
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to learn and play
  • Where: Amazon

Want to enjoy holiday treats without packing on the pounds? Maybe you want a classic game to introduce your young child to the joys of board games. If you want an easy game that’s been beloved by kids for years, look no further than the adventures of Candy Land.

Candy Land Board Game on Amazon

This simple board game comes decorated with brightly colored treats. Choose one the four colored pawns to get the game started. Players take turns flipping over cards from the deck to advance along the path, moving to the next spot that matches the color on the card. Be the first to reach the end and win! Get a card with two squares and move up to the second spot on the board in that color. But beware. Flip over a candy card, and move to that space, which could put you further ahead or behind.

Candy Land cards blue square double yellow square and peanut
Use the basic colored square cards to progress on the path, or get a double square to move twice as far. Treat cards transport you to that exact space.

This game works great for preschoolers learning to take turns and practice their colors. It requires zero literacy or counting skills, as kids can simply move to the next color block. If they can match the color of the card to the color of the path, they can play. It makes a great introduction to competitive board games, but can also cause some sibling tiffs and tears if they don’t reach the end first. 

Hasbro Candy Land board game for young kids with box, board, colored pawns, cards, and instructions
Everything tucks neatly back into the box when not in use.

Setup takes only moments. Unfold the board and shuffle the cards to get started. Once you’re done, all the pieces fit easily back into the box for storage. Kids love all the brightly colored treats that abound in this game, without consuming one gram of sugar. How’s that for a holiday treat?

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