Accordion for Kids

Add a Fun Musical InterludeKids Accordion in bright red with blue red and white diaphragm

  • What: Accordion for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, easy to learn to play
  • Where: Amazon

Have a holiday tune stuck in your head and want to put a little more oomph in it? Maybe you want to start your young child on their musical journey with an instrument that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Enjoy the sounds of music with this Children’s Accordion.

Children’s Accordion on Amazon

This pint-sized accordion produces full size sounds, thanks to the expanding diaphragm. Buttons along the front come clearly labeled with each musical note on the scale, making it simple to find the correct pitch. With a strap made for smaller hands and buttons located close together, kids will have no trouble belting out their favorite tune. 

children's accordion buttons labeled with notes
Clear labeling of notes on each button make this accordion simple to use.

This toy requires no batteries to produce notes, and uses only air, the same as a real accordion. Its much lighter weight makes it easy to hold for longer periods of time. The strap snaps into place to keep the accordion flaps secure and safe from punctures when not in use. It also comes with an instruction booklet including eight simple songs to help kids start playing.

Child playing kid's accordion
This accordion fits great in little hands.

We first saw this delightful instrument at a friend’s house. I enjoyed playing it so much we got our own version. I’m not certain who likes it more – me or the kids. We’ve all taken turns experimenting with the notes and sounds produced, and learning simple songs. If you want to thrill the musical enthusiast in your life with an instrument made for smaller hands, grab your own children’s accordion today.

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