Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide

Gifts for unicorn lovers unicorn hoodie blanket fairy ponies books unicorn lamp turned on in pink unicorn activity book unicorn coloring set

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Magical Beasts Take FlightUnicorn Hoodie blanket on hamster stuffed animal, Unicorn Activity book, Fairy Ponies book and coloring book, unicorn lamp with pink light

  • What: Unicorn Lovers Gift Guide
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Delight the unicorn fan in your life
  • Where: At home

Does your child love magical horned creatures, with or without wings? Maybe they dream of taking flights of fancy on the backs of a beloved unicorn. Whether your child wants to cuddle up with a unicorn, get lost in their magical tales, or stay busy with unicorn themed projects, these options will give them lots of unicorn activities to enjoy.

Unicorn light up lamp changing color

Unicorn Lamp: This lamp comes with a remote to control the wide variety of colors and settings. It works great as a night light for young kids, and older kids enjoy the different settings and cool colors. Whether you choose one of the different modes like strobe or flash, and one or many colors, kids will enjoy the soft light. The remote also allows users to control the brightness of the light, making it suitable for a variety of settings.

Unicorn Activity Books for kids with pink cover and rainbow mane

Unicorn Activity Book: This activity book comes chock full of unicorn-themed activities for kids. From mazes to connect the dots, every enthusiast will find something to enjoy. The 50 pages also include lots of coloring opportunities, so they can bring their unicorn dreams to life in full color.

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit by Make It Real arts crafts do it yourself project for kids

Unicorn Blanket Kit: This no-sew kit comes with everything kids need to craft their own unicorn hooded blanket. Use the included pre-cut felt strips in turquoise, pink, and purple to assemble the fleece blanket. The clever design means one size fits all with this colorful yet practical project.

Fairy Ponies series books kids chapter by Zanna Davidson

Fairy Ponies Books: Take a trip onto an enchanted island thanks to Holly and her frequent visits to her Great Aunt May, where she stumbles upon an entire new world tucked under the old oak tree in the garden. With plenty of big adventures in their tiny world and her own, Holly and her new friends team up to rescue friends, return stolen goods, and more. 

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Unicorn pink stuffed animal glows

Light Up Stuffed Animal: Whether they want a cuddly light source that won’t shatter or a new unicorn to snuggle, kids will love this light up unicorn stuffed animal. The interior light comes on with a gentle squeeze of the foot, and the battery compartment tucked inside can be turned off if needed. The settings include full brightness, half brightness, and strobe options, and turn off automatically after a set period of time.

Scratch and Sparkle Unicorns Activity Book with pop out pieces and art

Scratch Art Book: Use the included wooden stylus to complete all the scratch art activities tucked into the pages of this book. The black coating covers loads of bright colors in a wide variety of activities, like mazes, hidden pictures, and more. Even better, once kids finish their designs, the pieces pop out for even more fun playing. 

Bo the Brave Unicorn Diaries book cover by Rebecca Elliott

Unicorn Diaries: Follow along on the adventures of Rainbow Tinseltail in this four book series from Rebecca Elliott. Each book features more than 75 pages written in a diary style graphic novel, meaning lots of great illustrations for kids paired with large print text for emerging readers. Kids can enjoy the adventures alongside this magical young unicorn.

Alex Loopies Unicorn Plush stuffed animal on Amazon

Alex Loopies Plush: Let kids make their own small stuffed unicorn to love. This kit includes everything kids need to get started. Stuff the chenille yarn into the net sack, and use the included hook to pull bits through. Anchor the accessories, such as eyes and horn, with a similar technique. With one side to fluff out, kids can enjoy crafting their own unique unicorn.

Weighted sequin stuffed pets unicorn in box on Amazon

Sequin Pets: These sweet unicorn features reversible rainbow sequins all along the back. The bean bag bottom makes the unicorn stand up firmly, giving kids plenty of access to the flippable sequins. They can switch them all, or make fun designs in the sequins. This stuffed animal also comes with stickers kids can use to give their magical pet even more personality. 

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise garden with few seeds sprouted

Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise: Set up an entire world for this tiny plastic unicorn. Start with the fairy house and some dirt, then plant the magical seeds and let the unicorn move in. Kids can enjoy watering and tending to the garden thanks to the tiny tools included in this gardening kit made just for kids to enjoy. 

Unicorn Magic colouring set box with magnetic flap

Unicorn Magic Coloring Set: This box with a magnetic flap hides a coloring book, ten small markers, and sticker sheets filled with unicorns. Kids can color in the pages and decorate with the stickers. Once they finish, it all packs up neatly inside the box, ready for the next time.

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