Kid Gifts Under $15

Magnetic Mini Tile Art box, LEGO Friends Play Cube, Cutetitos, wooden trains from Target, Driven Pocket Series trucks and track, Plus Plus pieces

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Light Up Their Holidays

Magnetic Mini Tile Art box, LEGO Friends Play Cube, Cutetitos, wooden trains from Target, Driven Pocket Series trucks and track

  • What: Kid Gifts under $15
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, great value
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Looking to delight the child in your life without breaking the bank? Want something you can feel good about giving and they will love to receive? If you want an affordable gift sure to please, check out this list. 

Magnetic Mini Tile Art DIY Craft Kit for kids

Mini Magnet Art: These tiny ceramic magnets can be decorated any way kids like. The kit includes everything kids need, from paint to paint brushes along with ten tiny tiles. Kids can display their finished art on the fridge or any other magnetic surface.

LEGO Play Cubes: Get the real deal without spending a fortune. Each of these play cubes includes one figure, one pet, and enough bricks and stickers to build a themed scene. Choose from a variety of different series and themes and collect and combine them to grow their imaginations.

5D Diamond Painting Art stickers sheet

Diamond Painting Art Stickers: Use the tiny sticky jewels to make their own 3D stickers. Not for the faint of heart, these stickers work great for decorating water bottles, backpacks, even candle holders. The included plastic tweezers add the tiny colored dots to the patterns, or create your own designs.

Driven pocket series green tiny dump truck on gray connecting road pieces

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny affordable blind boxes each contain one vehicle and three connectable road pieces. With their incredibly low price point, you can buy several and still stay below the $15 budget. Kids love to collect them and set up the road pieces in almost endless different combinations.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters green and yellow Beach Patrol car toy

Color Changing Hot Wheels: These cars take the fun one step further. Dunk them in icy water and watch the color change before their eyes. Rinse them in warm water to switch them back again. Kids will love the extra feature to add to their vehicle play.

Turtle emerging from egg in blue cup of water

Hatching Egg Toys: Immerse these eggs in water in a clear container to watch them slowly emerge from their eggs. With a variety of animals to choose from, kids can enjoy watching the egg crack and hatch, then play with the critter that emerges.

Plus-Plus unicorn mystery box set assembled construction toy building set pieces

Plus Plus Blind Boxes: Build one of the six possible creations with these tiny interlocking building pieces. You won’t know which kit you get until you open it, and each one creates a different finished project. The pieces work with all other Plus Plus to help kids grow their collection and their imaginations.

wooden trains purchased at Target by Circo and All Aboard brands

Wooden Trains: Fill their train yard with a variety of different engines and cars thanks to these affordable selections. Choose from freight and passenger engines as well as different cars and cabooses in a variety of colors. With a price point much lower than big name brands, these wooden trains work just as well to start or expand their collection.

Luckito Catito Cutetitoes surprise stuffed animal laying on tortilla blanket with info card

Cutetitos: Each soft stuffed animal comes wrapped in a tortilla blanket. Collect all from any given series, or just see which ones you unwrap. You can get a variety of sizes and food themes with these adorable critters, and you never know which one you’ll unwrap next.

Fairy lights for kids installed on ceiling of travel trailer bunk with remote resting against throw pillow

Fairy Lights: These battery operated lights will delight kids of almost any age. They can be used for decoration almost anywhere, from bedrooms to playrooms or even outdoor playhouses. They come in a variety of wire and bulb colors to match almost any decor. Kids will love using the remote to turn them on and off, and choose the settings.

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