Kid Gifts From $15 To $25

Fashion art design kit, rock painting kit, cabbage chemistry acids and bases science kit for kids, Obuby binoculars in camouflage and orange, Calico Critters bunk beds, Perle fuse beads Christmas tree, Boogie drawing board, paint and plant kit, bug vacuum catcher gun

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Affordable Gifts for Kids They’ll LoveFashion art design kit, rock painting kit, cabbage chemistry acids and bases science kit for kids, Obuby binoculars in camouflage and orange, Calico Critters bunk beds, Perle fuse beads Christmas tree, Boogie drawing board, paint and plant kit

  • What: Gifts for kids $15-$25
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, entertaining, fun
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

If you want to spend a bit more of your budget on kids, but still don’t want to overdo it, check out these options. Each one will delight kids for more than the time it takes to open it. Better yet, parents will love them, too, so you’re sure to celebrate together for years to come.

rock painting kit for kids

Rock Painting Kit: This kit includes everything kids need to decorate their own rocks. From the bag of smooth river rocks to the glittery paint and goggly eyes, kids can make their own creations or use the included idea book to get started. Once they finish, they can add their new treasures to brighten up almost any space indoors or out.

Toysmith Outdoor Discovery Bug Vacuum packaging contents

Bug Catcher: Put kids in charge of creepy crawlies thanks to this battery powered vacuum gun. It includes a clear container that closes and has a magnifying lid so kids can get a better look at these tiny creatures. Use the gun to suck up anything that crawls and drop it into the container, then separate the vial for a good look.

Obuby binoculars for kids in orange

Obuby Binoculars: If kids want to get up close and personal with more than just bugs, these sturdy binoculars come in lots of bright colors. They make it easy for small hands to operate, and come with a neck strap to keep them in easy reach. Don’t fret if your child drops them, either. The sturdy rubber coating makes them hard to damage, yet kids can get a great look in nature, at sporting events, and much more.

Calico Critters Town Tea and Treats tea party accessory set

Calico Critters Accessories: Make sure their Calico Critters have everything they need with an accessory set. From clothes to tiny instruments, these sets come in a variety of themes.  Because they don’t include any of the fuzzy animals, they offer a lower price point.

Child using tweezers to make Perle bead creation

Fuse Beads: You can get a wide variety of projects that use these melty beads. Buy a big container and let kids loose, or get them started with more specific ideas ranging from holiday decorations to their favorite characters. Once they finish adding the beads to the boards, use a household iron to melt the plastic and connect the pieces.

Melissa and Doug Fashion Design Studio Rubbing Plate Art Activity Kit with extra colored pencils and storage drawer for plates underneath

Fashion Design Art Kit: Switch the plates inside this design kit to create a variety of different outfits. With multiple plates for the head and hairstyle, shirts, and legs, kids can make almost endless combinations. A storage drawer slides out from underneath to keep track of all the plates as well as the crayon rubber and a selection of colored pencils to finish off their designs.

Paint and Plant Flower Garden Growing Kit for kids Dan & Darci

Paint and Plant Garden Kit: Kids can enjoy art and gardening thanks to this fun kit. It includes seeds for three different types of plants, as well as a metal container and wooden signs kids can decorate. They get the joy of painting immediately, yet the gift keeps giving as the plants grow and flower.

Cabbage Chemistry Acids Bases pH set Yellow Scope STEM toys for girls science experiment

Cabbage Chemistry Acids and Bases Kit: Set kids on a path to loving science thanks to this exploration kit. Use the included instruction book to make guesses and record notes about what happens. Combine different household liquids using the included pipettes and tiny plastic cups to see what occurs. Kids can repeat the same experiments or change it up, so they can return to this kit more than once.

Boogie Board Play and Trace LCD see through writing tablet for kids

Boogie Drawing Board: This light blue tracing board helps kids develop burgeoning drawing skills. They can practice their letters and numbers from a young age, then advance to tracing pictures and anything else they can find. A push of the button erases the board and lets them start all over again anytime they want.

Stomp rocket jr launcher pink with blue hose

Stomp Rocket: These styrofoam rockets reach new heights, thanks to the plastic launcher. Kids can step or jump onto the plastic bladder to shoot the rockets over 200 feet high. This toy needs no batteries to take fun to new heights. The only issue you might have is finding the rockets after they go flying.

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