Super Gifts for Super Siblings

gifts for siblings My Very Own Name book, The Super Incredible Big Brother book, Oh Brother, Oh Sister book, Baby Stella doll inside cardboard box nook hangout

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Making Time and Room for Older Kids

gifts for siblings My Very Own Name book, The Super Incredible Big Brother book, Oh Brother, Oh Sister book, Baby Stella doll inside cardboard box nook hangout
  • What: Super Gifts for Super Siblings
  • When: Growing your family
  • Why: Include big siblings
  • Where: At home

Got a new addition to your growing family but want to make sure your older kids feel all the love? Maybe you added to your family this year, and want something special to reward your child for being a great big sibling. No matter the reason, these choices make great options for siblings of any age.

What Shall We Do With the Boo-Hoo Baby? by Crissida Cowell

What Shall We Do With the Boo Hoo Baby? Book: This adorable board book works great for new siblings. Watch as various animals take turns trying to soothe an upset infant. The sweet story prepares kids for the reality of crying little ones during the day and night, and gives them the power to assist in finding solutions. 

Kid Hang Out: Use materials on hand to carve out a little space for bigger siblings. Even if they share a bedroom, kids can benefit from their own space with visual dividers. Give them a place to curl up and snuggle with their stuffed animal or book, and retreat from the chaos of changing family dynamics. From play tents to forts, to sheets and cardboard boxes, almost anything will do to give them a sense of space and control over their environment in these changing times.

Super Incredible Big Sister and Brother books stacked one on top of the other

Big Sibling Books: You can get these Super Incredible Big Brother and Sister sibling books personalized for your older child. They will love seeing their own name in print, and it makes a great introduction to some of the joys of having younger siblings. Each page includes the name of the older sibling, and you can also include the name of the newest addition as well. Both the brother and sister version include a plastic medal rewarding them for being an awesome big sibling.

Child bottle feeding Baby Stella doll

Baby Stella Doll: Give little ones their own baby to love and care for with this super soft doll from Manhattan Toy Company. Kids can enjoy changing diapers, feeding, and bathing right alongside parents thanks to this sweet doll with moving arms and legs. The soft fabric makes the dolls super snuggly, and the clothes and other accessories work great for little hands. Magnets embedded in the mouth area mean these dolls can use pacifiers and bottles as well, making them perfect for kids to practice and love.

Oh Brother Oh Sister book by Brooks Whitney

Oh Brother, Oh Sister Book: If you have kids sharing space, you will want a copy of this picture book. It covers all the ins and outs of family dynamics, from annoying habits of both older and younger siblings as well as how to handle conflicts. This book tackles everything you can imagine, and helps kids navigate big feelings and recognize when they can solve their own issues and when they need to recruit help from grownups.

Curtain screen for lower bunk bed hanging behind ladder

Private Space for Kids: If you can’t find room for kids to have their own special area of the house, you can still make sure they have some privacy. These tips and tricks will make sharing a bedroom easier on siblings. With simple solutions that won’t break the bank, kids can get some visual separation from siblings and parents alike.

My Very Own Name book

My Very Own Name Book: Each of these custom books come personalized with your child’s name. They will find one letter of their name on each page, along with an animal that begins with that same letter. Kids love seeing their own names on the pages, and everyone appreciates a book that belongs just to them. These special order books work just as well for newborns as for bigger siblings, and make a great way to enjoy some special time together after the new arrival.

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