Infant Gift Guide Over $20

Infant Gift Guide Over $20 Deglingos Baby Animals, Mozart Music Cube, Blanket Bear Buddy, Little Giraffe gray baby blanket square

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Delight Them During Their First YearInfant Gift Guide Over $20 Deglingos Baby Animals, Mozart Music Cube, Blanket Bear Buddy, Little Giraffe gray baby blanket

  • What: Infant Gift Guide Over $20
  • When: Birth to 12 months
  • Why: Safe gifts they will love
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Got a little extra money in your holiday budget and want to spend it on the littlest person on your shopping list? Stumped on what to give that tiny person who can’t speak yet? Maybe you’re looking to splurge on the baby while they still take delight in every gift of any size. If you want a gift sure to please an infant and their parents, these items will bring everyone joy long past the holiday season.

blue Little Giraffe baby blanket square

Little Giraffe Blanket: These super soft and cozy blankets appeal to tiny ones who still explore with all their senses. You can get a full sized baby blanket or a smaller square in a variety of soft colors. Each one features a silky satin matching ribbon edging, making these blankets truly luxurious and sure to please for months to come.

Tiny Love Clip On Infant Toy Arch

Infant Toy Arch: Keep little ones fascinated anywhere they go thanks to this clip on toy arch. The rotating clamps on either end attach to a variety of baby gear, from bouncy seats to strollers and more. The different toys rattle, spin, and move to keep babies attention focused in their visual range. And it makes it easy to move around the house as needed to keep infants in sight.

Blanket Buddy grey teddy bear stuffed with removable matching blanket accessed by a zipper along the back by Thirty One

Blanket Bear Buddy: This stuffed animal does double duty, with a soft blanket hidden inside. Unzip the compartment along the back to remove the blanket for extra warmth and snuggling. When it’s time to go, roll the blanket back up and place it back inside the bear to keep it clean and dry until the next nap. The soft fleece fabric appeals to little hands and makes cleaning a breeze.

My First Laptop toy Kids Stuff 2011 infant toddler toy

My First Laptop: This toy laptop has all the joy of the real thing made for little hands. The folding lid means infants can enjoy opening and closing it. Big brightly colored buttons and a light up screen make this interactive toy appealing to young ones. Choose from multiple modes, including music, shapes, and animals to pair learning with fun and give kids their own device to safely explore.

Infant wearing Zutano brand baby booties in blue in Baby Bjorn carrier

Zutano Booties: These soft booties come in several sizes made just for baby feet. Each one offers two snap settings to make sure the booties don’t fall off. Choose from bright patterns and colors or soft fuzzy material to make sure baby’s feet stay protected all year round. These sturdy cloth slippers will last for multiple kids, making them a great gift that keeps on giving year round.

Infant with soft fabric plush animal stacking ring toy on floor

Soft Stacking Rings: These plush rings in various sizes work just like standard stacking rings, but with a much softer approach. They won’t hurt if they get dropped or thrown, and still offer lots of learning as infants figure out how to take them off the center pole. Once they get older, they can master putting the rings back on again. The soft fabric appeals to little hands, mouths, and more, and won’t make much noise as babies play and explore.

Deglingos baby blanket flat infant cuddle toys stuffed animals

Baby Deglingos: These soft textured baby toys will thrill them for much longer than a holiday season. Each animal comes composed of different materials and textures for little hands to enjoy. The flat body and stuffed head combine the best of blankets and stuffed animals into a toy that babies will love well into their toddlers years, if not longer. Full disclosure – our eleven year old son still sleeps with his Baby Deglingos every night.

Mozart Music Cube for infants and toddlers musical toy

Mozart Music Cube: This toy features a different instrument on a giant button on each of the six sides. Babies can press any button to start a Mozart song played by that instrument. Press another button to add to the symphony. With an easy on/off switch so parents control the action, this toy will delight little ones with its multiple sensory ways to enjoy.

Infant watching toys on Tiny Love Monkey Island Gymini activity gym mat

Play Mat: These soft-sided mats come with snap on toy arches for babies to enjoy. You can find options in almost any theme, and they work for tummy time or while infants rest on their backs. Different sensory fabrics, mirrors, and sounds will appeal to all of babies’ senses. The soft surfaces means parents don’t have to worry about inadvertent contact when infants roll over. These play mats provide tons of stimulation but can easily be put away when not in use.  

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