Doll High Chair

Mommy and Me doll high chair in hot pink and black

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Easy Feeding

Mommy and Me doll high chair in hot pink and black
  • What: Doll High Chair
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to add to your child’s doll collection? Maybe your child loves feeding their doll, but wants a dedicated place to pretend to feed their offspring. If you want an affordable yet compact and durable option, look no further than the Mommy and Me Folding Doll High Chair.

Mommy and Me Doll High Chair on Amazon

This compact doll high chair packs a big punch. It features a tray to hold sippy cups, dishes, utensils, or toys. Simple webbing straps keep dolls from falling out, yet make it easy to get them in and out of the high chair. The plastic tray wipes clean easily, and the seat material also resists stains. When kids finish feeding, the entire thing folds up. The compact design can still hold larger dolls without a problem, but the high chair takes up much less space.

Mommy and Me doll high chair with American Girl Bitty Baby doll sitting in
This high chair holds a variety of doll sizes with ease.

My daughter received her doll high chair from this brand more than five year ago. She stores it underneath her bed when she isn’t using it. It’s fed babies so many meals, we’ve lost count. Yet the material has held up remarkably well, especially for the price point. It fits all her dolls, from Baby Stella, to Baby Alive to Cabbage Patch Kids and American Girl.She has no trouble folding or unfolding it herself, nor has she ever gotten pinched in the process.

Mommy and Me doll high chair
This doll high chair folds flat when not in use.

If you’d like a sturdy doll high chair that will go the distance, tuck this compact option into your child’s doll collection.

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